Mystic Box



Mystic Box

Do you recognize the mystic in your everyday life? Have you ever felt uplifted, exhilarated, or unexpectedly touched by certain colors, sounds, or objects? Have you ever, at a chance moment suddenly sensed the inexpressible richness and beauty of ordinary things, and wondered why you felt so? Sometimes these feelings come and we resist them, or reduce them to conventional terms. Our mystic experiences do not necessarily arrive in a dramatic way or majestic place. This feeling for the universe, or nature, and our relation to it is powerful and it is ordinary. There is a depth in us, we are all mystics.  Our mystical moments  can bring a sensual awareness of the forces of universal connection moving through and around us. So with this box, soak up the mystery of it all, absorb the riddle of life, and lean into the mystic!


Mystic Stacking Rings - Gorgeous natural moonstone and hydro amethyst, hand set onto hand-hammered bands of 14k gold plate. Tune into your intuition with this gorgeous pair! Stack them, or wear them separately for a variety of mystic looks.

I Dream In Flowers Shower Steamers  Handmade with love by Cleanse Gourmet Fresh Bath Products.  Aromatherapy Diffusion in your shower! I dream in flowers Sleep Shower Steamers are blended with Neroli + Vanilla + Lavender + dried bespoke botanicals to sooth + calm + relax. They can double as a bath tablet as well. Wet to activate and place on the shelf of your shower near your face to diffuse, or for a light diffusion, place on the floor of the shower. Find your mystic experience with these delightful steamers. The aromatherapy has the power to transport! 


Surely you've at least heard of the Magic Wand - the mythical beast of sex toy lore....well meet the MYSTIC wand - The Wand-er Woman! An updated but still just as powerful version of its older cousin. Maybe the most notable feature of this remodel? Cordless! Just recharge like you would any other USB powered toy, and you are good to go! Mystic moments will be yours!

And lastly,Toy 'n Joy by Astroglide- Formulated to be compatible for use on many intimate toy surfaces, and gentle on sensitive areas - this water-based lubricant enhances pleasure while keeping toys safe, and clean-up easy. Its perfect for all types of play including toy, solo, partner.... we’ll let you decide. Toy ‘n Joy is unique as it was specifically tested to be safe on most sex toy materials including: silicone, rubber, plastic, glass, and stainless steel. ASTROGLIDE Toy ‘n Joy personal lubricant is also condom compatible, hypoallergenic, and both glycerin and paraben free. 

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