The theme of our Nov. Box is Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss"

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A single purchase of our current Queen Bee Box:  contains a luxury sex toy/accessory plus 3-5 premium sexual and lifestyle products. All products compliment a monthly theme that promotes vitality and passion.


Currently Shipping The Kiss Box!


Austrian artist Gustav Klimt is known for his ethereal, pattern-rich portraits. Today, several of these canvases are considered masterpieces, though The Kiss, a particularly exquisite piece, seems to float above the rest. Featuring shimmering gold tones, stylized forms, and sentimental iconography, The Kiss has enchanted audiences since its completion in 1908. Today, the awe-inspiring piece is housed in Vienna’s esteemed Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, though its illustrious legacy transcends Klimt’s Austrian roots.The Kiss, which was painted during his luminous “Golden Period.” offers a quiet glimpse into an intimate relationship.

An embracing couple kneeling in a grassy patch of wildflowers. Clad in a geometrically-printed robe and with a crown of vines on his head, the man cradles the woman’s face as he leans in to kiss her. The female figure—whose colorful, primitively patterned dress contrasts her partner’s garment—wears flowers in her hair. As she wraps her arms around her partner’s neck, her eyes are peacefully closed, emphasizing the tranquility and intimacy of the scene. We have used this iconic masterpiece as inspiration for this Heart + Honey box!


Kiss Box Spoilers


Spoiler 1 - The Kiss Hand-painted Flat Candle- Hand-painted by artisans in Lithuania, these candles stand out in their simplicity. The flat design is a unique approach to candles that has a minimalist, eye-catching feel. The twin wicks burn evenly and self-extinguish as they near the steel base, without any dripping wax or smoke.



Spoiler 2 - The Frosted Fleur 120MM Bullet Vibe by Rocks Off - Oversized at 120mm, and gilded like Klimt's portrait - this little number can be used in conjunction with other toys, or solo as its own star of the show - don't forget your bullet during couple's play - always a welcome addition!!



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