June Mermaid boxes are sold out. July "Magical Midsummer" Boxes begins shipping 7/1!

Current Month Queen Bee - Single Purchase - July Midsummer Magic Box


A single purchase of our current Queen Bee Box:  contains a luxury sex toy/accessory plus 3-5 premium sexual and lifestyle products . All products compliment a monthly theme that promotes vitality and passion.


Shipping July 1st - 5th


The Contents of the Midsummer Magic Box will be revealed after all subscribers have received their boxes, usually around the 10th of the month.



Midsummer spoiler! Cuter than all get-out! Velvet covered with gilded pages! Use this precious pocket-sized book to infuse your life with passion and romance, love and gratitude! In all July Midsummer Magic boxes! ♥️♥️♥️


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