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Revive Box



Welcome to a new season, a magical time to embrace new beginnings and get swept away in the excitement of new possibilities. We welcome you into the new year with some fundamentals for good health and vitality. A curation to encourage a strong and healthy version of yourself.


Strengthen your pelvic floor and experience deep orgasms with the Satisfyer Yoni Power 2. Thanks to three different sizes, these medical grade silicone kegel balls, offer the opportunity to gradually train your muscles step by step. Also important for preventing bladder weakness and recovering from childbirth. A building block of good sexual health. MSRP $29.95

The Satisfyer Ultra Power Bullet 1 satisfies you and your hot spots with a rounded, broad-surfaced tip and particularly powerful vibrations. This vibrator also boasts intuitive controls and body-friendly silicone. A bullet is the single most essential toy due to its versatility and effectiveness in stimulating any erogenous zone. Don't leave home without it! MSRP $39.95

Two fun products by Woo - Freshies Intimate Wipes, great for pre and post intimacy clean up, as well as during hormonal shifts. Use these hypoallergenic wipes to feel your best every day. MSRP $13 And "Be There In Five" Feminine Wash - a clean, and simple hypoallergenic wash to give your bits the special attention they deserve! MSRP $21

Rest your head with the relaxing aroma of Pillow Potion, an ideal blend of essential oils for creating a tranquil bedtime atmosphere. Aura Cacia Pillow Potion features lavender, sweet orange, German chamomile, and patchouli essential oils. MSRP $9

A unique candy experience with Choward's Vintage Mints - Since 1934 C Howard's has been making interesting candies that give you just the right amount of zip - a perfect new experience if you haven't had them before! MSRP $2.50

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