By Appointment to Her Majesty



By Appointment to Her Majesty

 A Royal Warrant of Appointment is granted as a mark of recognition to fine purveyors who supply their quality goods or services to Her Majesty and the royal household. If you were queen for a day, what fine products would you grant appointment into your Heart + Honey Box? We chose these exquisite items as a regal curation to appeal to your inner majesty.

 A divine 2-Step Bathing experience! The fragrance of velvety rose is mixed with bright citrus and honeyed neroli in a rich bath melt. Accompanied by the same fragrance in a masterful massage and body oil.Both by fine purveyors Heyland & Whittle of London


 Her Majesty's Pendant -A deep blue medallion strung on an adjustable chain, all 18 kt plate over 925 sterling. This unusual piece adds elegance and grace to your royal wear, day and night.


The Royal Wand - a majestic piece by Am-Zing toys. Nine air pressure suction functions PLUS a vibrating dil with nine functions of its own. USB rechargeable and IPX7 waterproof. If you didn't feel like royalty before, this piece will set you straight!


Earl Grey Imperial - A classic tea created especially for Harney & Sons Historic Royal Palaces line.Built on a base of fine, medium-bodied black teas and a rich swirl of bright, lemony bergamot. Bright and distinctive!

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