Enchanted Box


A single purchase of our current Queen Bee Box. 

 Whats life without a little magic, a little intrigue, a little ENCHANTMENT?

We curate this box of bliss to lose yourself in. Relieve yourself of that which is burdensome or vexing, of worry and gloom! This little collection of simple pleasures is here to remind you that life is indeed delightful!

Eye Mask by Sensory Retreats! Luxurious and pampering! These self-heating eye masks incorporate advanced and patented Ecosteam technology and high-quality natural plant essences. The mask heats up in seconds but lasts for a minimum of 25-minutes, heating from the inside out to deliver consistent, soothing heat with light chamomile aromatherapy. MSRP $5

Musee Bath Balm - Spark creativity as you treat yourself in this tangerine essential oil and cucumber extract bath. Dream abundantly as you soak in the fresh scents of honey and mint. MSRP $10

musee bath balm


Enchanted Pendant - Pure rainbow magic that sits daintily on your collarbone. Handmade aura crystal pendant on a 16 inch sterling chain. You'll feel a bit lighter with this magical charm as an addition to your outlook. MSRP $42

aura quartz crystal pendant

The Carlota G-Spot vibe with air wave clitoral stimulation! You've seen the Carlota on social media - and now you can live the enchantment for yourself. With 10 vibration modes that focus on G-spot pleasure and 10 air pressure modes to bring your clitoris into the mix, you will definitely find your happy place! USB rechargeable, IPX7 waterproof. MSRP $67

enchanted tracy's dog



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