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Forbidden Box

$61.60 $88.00

A single purchase of the Forbidden Queen Bee Box.   

A box of extravagance, of permissible debauchery and privilege.  Enjoy this rich curation of forbidden allure!

1. Pomegranate Whipped Soap by Mangiacotti! Experience dessert for your body. This moisturizing and luxurious whipped body wash is an all-in-one foaming soap and shaving cream. Indulge in the lavish fragrance of pomegranate made with naturally plant-derived whipped soap and essential oils that will leave your body soft and beautifully scented MSRP $17


2.  Forbidden Earrings - Feast your eyes upon these whimsical adornments! Featuring 925 sterling silver stems plated in 18k gold, these dangling delights will be a unique addition to your holiday wardrobe! MSRP $29


3. Cape Cod Provisions Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries - Rich dried cherries drenched in decadent milk chocolate, nothing forbidden about this fruit....enjoy with abandon! MSRP $6

4. Forbidden Zone - This sophisticated design stores 9 mind-blowing air pulse functions, providing the clitoris with a tantalizing pressure vacuum coupled with arousing pulsations. The classic black silicone is a beautiful contrast to its gold embellishments. The gold cap is removable and reveals the delicate silicone mouth of the toy.

A delightful and aesthetically pleasing addition to your collection. IPX7 waterproof and rechargeable. MSRP $52

5. When you're in the mood for some butt play, fun in the bum, backdoor bliss, whatever you call it, there are a few things you'll need to make sure that you or you and your partner have a really, really good time. First and foremost, you'll need lube! Then, you'll need some time to relax, great communication with your partner (if one is involved), and the right tools for the job. NS novelties' Rear Assets Aluminum Plug and Intimate Earth Lubricant Foil. Perfection! MSRP $18.50


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