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Immortal Beloved box

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Never misjudge the faithful heart of your beloved.
Forever thine , Forever mine, Forever us.
~ Ludwig van Beethoven, 1812


MSRP $163


Immortal Candle By Old Soul Artisan - Inspired by the immortal creatures of the night, this blood orange and vetiver fragrance is daring, energetic, and seductive. 25 hour burn time. Paired with our custom oversized matches.  MSRP $16

Orgie She Spot Gel Intimo - is made from active ingredients which stimulate the G-spot area, making it even more sensitive. The gel has a vibrating and tingling effect with evolving warming, cooling and buzzing sensations during its activity time. Orgie She Spot works well to increase pleasure and could become an interesting addition if you’re into sensation play. And for the resulting five-star orgasms, worth it!  MSRP $28


Juno Flex, the G-Spot Goddess! - Juno is the world's softest, sleekest G-Spot vibrator that provides powerfully deep, rumbly vibrations directly to your internal pleasure points. Je Joue's unique low-frequency, rumbly vibrations are able to travel further through the body, accessing more internal nerve endings and stimulating the whole internal clitoris. Juno Flex uses Je Joue's new BodyFlex Technology and has been designed to move in perfect rhythm with your body. The fully flexible shaft can be bent into any position, allowing each individual body shape to explore hitting different spots, from any position. MSRP $119.


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