Peacemaker Box

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The goal of the May Peacemaker Box box is simple - to bring a few moments of peace to your day during this period of stress and uncertainty!  So, feed your face, relax in a bath (or shower), have an orgasm, get some rest.  And of course, wash your hands! We will be living under this cloud for a while, and this month, Heart + Honey just wants to give you some tools to help you COPE!



Lets start with the obvious item you will open first! Fudge by the Bavarian Chocolatier! Eat your feelings with this delightful bar of milk chocolate fudge, drizzled with even more milk chocolate! The Bavarian Chocolatier was started by a German Immigrant and his wife, creating amazing baked goods and chocolate treats in North Georgia. This wonderful, hand-dipped fudge creation will distract you from EVERYTHING. Go ahead and eat it all at once, probably sitting in your car or standing beside your mailbox.


Next up! The bath of your dreams! Relax and ZONE OUT from the world in an effervescent tub of tranquility with this huge Bath Bomb by Michel Design


Heat a cup of the amazing Calm Buddha Blend Tea By Buddha Teas.  Even if you aren’t a tea drinker by nature, this stuff is magic in its ability to calm and relax naturally! Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed. Chamomile, passion flower, St. John’s, spearmint and lavender are just a few of the supportive herbs in the magical blend.  Tomorrow morning you will thank you.


Now. Lets get back to basics, shall we? This is no time to experiment with novelty. There is a reason that the rabbit style vibrator is the gold standard in vibrator designs, and nobody does it better than The Rabbit Company.  Enjoy the perfect pairing of deep-delving g-spot massage and vibrating clitoral love. This stand-out piece from The Rabbit Company inspires unique dual sensation and maximum sweet spot contact.  


Finally - It helps to deal with uncertainty by taking charge of the things we CAN control.  In this case - we know one of the best methods of protecting yourself and your loved ones is…washing your mits! So we send along a little bottle of Foaming Shea Butter Hand Soap- what 2 months ago would have been a boring addition, suddenly inspires delight.  It pretty, its unique, and it smells amazing.  Since we have to spend a lot more time hand washing these days, we may as well enjoy it!

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