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Secret Lucky Bag!


By hook, by crook, or by lucky ducky circumstance here you are! The fabled Heart + Honey Lucky Bag.

Heres how it works!  The lucky bag is $75 -  but by purchasing one, you will receive a bag of goodies with an MSRP of AT LEAST $150.  We curate our lucky bags with values as follows:

50% of bags have a value of $150 or more

25% of bags have a value of $200 or more


25% of bags have a value of up to $300


We fill each bag with the types of things you find in regular Heart + Honey Boxes. Quality sex toys and erotic aids, beautiful and unique jewelry - often made specifically for Heart + Honey (one-of-a-kind), and boutique quality bath and body products. We are always working with our distributors to purchase in bulk quantities which enables us to score some great deals on amazing products - when we do, we are so excited to add them to lucky bag inventory!  Honestly - we love a lucky bag as much as anyone! They are fun to pack, and fun to send - its exciting to imagine someone opening their lucky bag of goodies!


Lucky bags are a great deal, and lucky bags are super fun to receive, but lucky bags are not returnable!  We base the value of the product in lucky bags on the retail price provided by the manufacturer, and we aim to provide a variety of product in each bag, with a minimum of 3 items per lucky bag.


Lucky Bag Q&A

Will subscribers receive duplicate product?

- No, as long as you use the same email address to purchase your lucky bag as you did to purchase your subscription, we can cross reference to make sure there is no duplicate product.

Why don't you advertise lucky bags?

- Because lucky bag inventory is based on opportunity, we cannot always guarantee availability, nor can we ship large numbers of lucky bags. Therefore, lucky bags are only available on a first-come-first-serve, word-of-mouth basis. We do open lucky bags to the general public for 2 days per year, New Year's Eve and New Years Day (as long as supplies last).

If we do not have inventory for lucky bags, this product listing will appear show as sold-out.

Can I buy a lucky bag for a friend?

- Of course! If you would like us to include a gift note, just leave it in the notes field at check out!

Who should buy a lucky bag?  

- someone who loves a great deal and loves a surprise!

Who should not buy a lucky bag?

- someone who may love a great deal, but does not like the element of surprise!


We created lucky bags out of our love of great deals and our love of surprise! We hope you love yours!


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