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The Siren Box


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The Siren Box

Many cultures around the world have their myths and legends about beautiful Sirens. Some thought of them as the bringers of life, creation, and love, others as the protectors of the sea and its secrets. Ancient Greek culture saw the sea as a very dangerous place, filled with water spirits who preyed upon the men. Because of that, their version of Sirens personified the allure of the unknown, danger of the sea, and the sexual attraction of a beautiful woman into one mythical creature. Whichever legend appeals to you most, it is undeniable that sirens are universally enigmatic and alluring. We curated this box in the spirit of the mysterious Siren.


What must the life of a siren be like? Floating without a care, soaking up the rays, and taking in the scents and sounds of the ocean! These Zeep foaming whips are handcrafted with a fluffy, whipped, foaming soap for an excellent lather and blended with coconut oil for added moisture. Each unique scent is a glimpse into what the life of a siren might be. MSRP $14


A siren doesn't go for for chaffing! She would certainly make use of a good lubricant! Sliquid Sea is free of questionable ingredients. It is also 100% vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic. Its water-based formula is infused with Carrageenan and other natural seaweed extracts. MSRP $11

Our Siren's Spell Manifestation Candle was designed to help you turn your dreams, aspirations, and goals into reality. For fans of the Law of Attraction, this candle is the perfect tool to help you focus on your objectives.Use it as a resource to help guide your thoughts and ideas into a solid vision. Live out your siren dreams with purpose! Soy wax, cotton wick. Do not burn unattended, trim wick to 1/4 inch. MSRP $24

Adrien Lastic Symphony - A lovely and graceful toy that screams "Siren's Choice!" If you haven't experienced the beauty of a wand vibrator before, this will open your mind and your options! Wands have been known to produce orgasms where other toys or methods fail. for some, it’s the go-to when looking for guaranteed satisfaction. This particular design is noteworthy because of its exceptionally flexible neck. Three speeds and 7 patterns which all combine to provide a stunning range of sensations. USB rechargeable - 90 minute charge provides 40 minutes of play, Includes satin drawstring storage bag. MSRP $73

wand vibrator

flexible wand vibrator


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