Truly Madly Deeply


A single purchase of this month's Queen Bee Box.  Not a renewing purchase.

Truly. Madly. Deeply.

As we sweep into a new season, our minds turn to the most celebrated emotion. We want to send you a box of that which makes the world go-round. A simple sentiment, but a most beautiful box! When you love, go big!

1. Hark the Forever In Love Necklace! Eternity hearts clasped forever on an 18 inch chain. Rose gold plate over sterling silver. Graceful and distinctive!

2. A signature Box of 4 Mayana Gourmet Chocolates. This is the second time we have featured Mayana Chocolates. One taste will tell you why! Their chocolates are unbelievable, and the packaging is a gift in itself. From beginning to end, a box of Mayana chocolates lets you know you are LOVED!


3. Wicked Awaken Clitoral Arousal Gel is a stimulating clitoral massage gel bursting with herbal aphrodisiac to enhance libido and intensify orgasm. Use alone, with a partner, or with toys for intense sensation and blissful satisfaction.


4. The WAVE by S Hande - Dual vibration delight in 9 symphonic patterns! IPX -7 magnetic charging means absolutely water safe.  9 inch length with 5 inch insertablity. Solid and firm. Smooth as silk silicone gives it just enough softness! You will love it - truly, madly, and of course, deeply!






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