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  • Best Discrete Sex Toys of 2022

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on June 03 2022

    Best Discrete Sex Toys of 2022
    In this post we share our very favorite discrete sex toys of the year 2022.
  • Nov - Spice of life

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on April 22 2022

    Nov - Spice of life
    The old adage,"variety is the spice of life," originally credited to 18th century poet...
  • Oct - Requiem Box

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on March 22 2022

    Oct - Requiem Box
    What is memory? An amalgam of recollections and daydreams. Lucid flashes and hazy mome...
  • September - Her Majesty Box

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on January 28 2022

    September - Her Majesty Box
    A Royal Warrant of Appointment is granted as a mark of recognition to fine purveyors wh...
  • August - Ma Chérie

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on December 15 2021

    August - Ma Chérie
    Hello Ma Chérie! We have curated this lovely box to delight you. A collection of unique...