Past Boxes Revealed

  • Nov - Spice of life

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on April 22 2022

    Nov - Spice of life
    The old adage,"variety is the spice of life," originally credited to 18th century poet...
  • Oct - Requiem Box

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on March 22 2022

    Oct - Requiem Box
    What is memory? An amalgam of recollections and daydreams. Lucid flashes and hazy mome...
  • September - Her Majesty Box

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on January 28 2022

    September - Her Majesty Box
    A Royal Warrant of Appointment is granted as a mark of recognition to fine purveyors wh...
  • August - Ma Chérie

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on December 15 2021

    August - Ma Chérie
    Hello Ma Chérie! We have curated this lovely box to delight you. A collection of unique...
  • July - Tropical Crush

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on November 13 2021

    July - Tropical Crush
    This time of year our love for all things tropical reaches fever pitch! From the equato...