Scandal Double Paddle


Wickedly thrilling: dive deep into your next thrilling Fantasy with the breathtaking embrace of this naughty paddle; leave yourself at the mercy of your lover's erotic whims and embrace sensational submission with each and Every tap
Delightfully dual sided: this dual action paddle has a soft, plushy side to gently caress your lover's curves or if you're feeling extra naughty, a silky brocade side delivers commanding blows that will leave your lovers skin singing.
Versatile use: plant tingling blows on your lover's backside, gently caress with the plushy interior or indulge in powerful claps with the Double paddle design. The luxurious brocade paddle will always find the right mark with the secure wrist strap.
High quality materials: our erotic double stitched paddle measures 11" X 5" (28 cm x 12.75 cm), with a soft polyester side and a high quality designer brocade fabric outer layer

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