Starcrossed Box


This box is both warm and sensual, with just the right touch of alluring mystery. It is a celebration of profound connections that transcend time, and weave a tapestry of emotion that lasts an eternity. 💫

star crossed box

Star-crossed Earrings – a stunning fusion of classic sophistication and celestial charm. Crafted in 925 sterling silver and adorned with a lavish 18k gold plate, these earrings are a masterpiece. 💫✨The exquisite star filigree design, delicately etched and accentuated by twinkling cubic zirconia, captures the essence of a twinkling star. It's as if you're wearing a piece of the night sky itself. 🌟 MSRP $38

starcrossed earrings

Midas is a super slick lube formula that glides on like liquid velvet and easily rinses off of skin with water. Delight in feeling every sensation with this water based lubricant that minimizes irritation, discomfort and dryness. Midas is safe for use with latex condoms but also great for solo play. Get the Midas touch, the "Gold Standard" of Lubricants. MSRP $12.50

midas lubricant

When you are liberated, you feel free and lost in the moment. All over the place in the best way. Sexy Chocolate™ releases inhibition and unleashes sensuality by pairing a carefully selected blend of botanicals, vitamins, and amino acids with patented LibiFem® (a natural fenugreek extract), clinically shown to help promote feelings of intimacy, healthy female desire and experience. Gluten Free and Vegan MSRP $7.89

sexy chocolate to increase libido

S-Hande Woo  - Enjoy 9 cycles of both vibration and tongue-like pleasure, providing internal and external stimulation tailored to your desires . The combination is up to you, and the variety ensures delight!  USB Rechargeable and waterproof. MSRP $64

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