Belladonna Box


Enjoy our Belladonna box - energize the shadow side of the divine feminine, which includes subconscious thoughts, emotional impulses, and primal instincts.
Unlock mystery and enchantment with this exclusive range of carefully curated products. Behold an intriguing blend of fascination and seduction, a collection guaranteed to spark your imagination.

belladonna box 

The Je Joue Massage Candle - A sensual fragrance that will set the mood for the most intimate body massage. Allow the candle to melt for fifteen minutes until the wax has melted to the outer edges of the glass. You can then pour the wax directly onto the skin, or leave for a couple of minutes to cool for more sensitive tastes. The nutrient-rich Soy and essential oils will soften, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin leaving it lightly scented & moisturized. MSRP $25

Custom matches MSRP $2

massage candle

Uma - Among the highest rated vibes by luxury brand, Je Joue, Uma is a powerhouse of a plaything. The bulbous shape, the ultra low frequency, the deep tissue transfer of vibrations - this is the one that will get you there when all others fail. Five speeds, and 7 patterns. Waterproof and rechargeable. MSRP $99

je joue uma  s spot vibe

After Dark Accelerator Serum - This gratifying sexual serum perfectly combines warming L-arginine and cooling menthol to heighten sensations and jump-start any sexual experience. MSRP $15.99

accelerator serum after dark


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