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  • January - The Lotus

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on January 16 2018

    January - The Lotus
    The  symbolic value of the lotus flower is vast. It spans numerous ancient Eastern cult...
  • December - The Wisdom of the Pearl

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on December 26 2017

    December - The Wisdom of the Pearl
    Pearls have been revered since time immemorial. They lend an air of dignity and opulenc...
  • Feng Shui For Passion

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on November 21 2017

    Feng Shui For Passion
    The goal of Feng Shui is to create a harmonious environment that supports health, becko...
  • Rose Quartz: Love, Compassion, Joy

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on October 18 2017

    Rose Quartz: Love, Compassion, Joy
    Buy The Rose Quartz Box Here Rose quartz is one of the most common varieties of t...
  • Cleopatra - An Enduring Royal

    Anne Alloway

    Posted on September 10 2017

    Cleopatra - An Enduring Royal
     Purchase the Cleopatra Box Here Cleopatra VII (C. 69 - 30 BC), often simply called “Cl...