The Allure of the Forbidden

Anne Alloway

Posted on November 30 2022

woman holding finger up to lips as in shhhh

Why do we want what we cannot have? What is it about the forbidden that makes us want it all the more? It’s a story we all know—the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden—the one that Eve just couldn’t resist even though she had every other pleasure available at her fingertips. There is something about being told that something is off-limits—whether by society, a parent, a lover, a boss—that makes it all the more desirable. It is part of the human condition to believe that the things or people we aspire to attain will make us feel happy, fulfilled and satisfied. Like the feeling of scratching an itch, endeavoring into taboo terrain can lead to initial feelings of elation, then relief and perhaps then, wanting to do it all over again or even push the boundaries even more. 

When it comes to consenting adults, a little permissible debauchery can be an intriguing proposition. After all, how can one truly know their limits without a little exploration? A safe space to delve into the taboo is a healthy way to tempt the forbidden and broaden one’s sexual horizons. One of the aspects of Heart + Honey we love most is that we provide a safe space for women and their partners to explore the latest and greatest products and technology in the adult space. Here’s a run down of some of our favorite “forbidden” activities and the products you need in your collection.  

1. The Forbidden Queen Bee Box

We must start with this all-encompassing treasure trove of forbidden fun! This single purchase box is chock full of forbidden allure, permissible debauchery and extravagance. Featuring a carefully curated assortment of erotic accoutrements, this box checks all the, well, boxes. Picture this beautiful package arriving at your door. As you excitedly dive into the contents you discover the following…a delightful Pomegranate Whipped Soap by Mangiacotti to bring with you in the shower and get the sensory experience started, a pair of whimsical cherry earrings featuring 925 sterling silver and stems plated in 18k gold to ignite your playful side, a box of rich and delicious milk chocolate covered cherries by Cape Cod Provisions to unleash the aphrodisiac properties of chocolate and get you in the zone, a sophisticated toy we affectionally call The Forbidden Zone that features 9 mind-blowing air pulse functions to take you to infinity and beyond, and perhaps the most forbidden of all, the Rear Assets Aluminum Plug by NS novelties and Intimate Earth Lubricant Foil. This is the box for you if you want to gently push the boundaries of your usual experience and test the waters of the forbidden. After all, how will you ever know what your boundaries are unless you push them a little?

the heart + honey queen bee box
Heart+ Honey ​​
black and gold erotic toy held in hand with red nail polish
Heart+ Honey ​​

2. Vēdo Rio Posterior Plug

If we’re on the subject of venturing into forbidden terrain, a more advanced explorer might consider the Rio Vibrating Anal Vibe by Vēdo. Gently arouse your deepest desires and venture into forbidden territory with this sleek device. The gently rounded tip and tapered body is perfectly designed for easy insertion and provides amazing posterior pleasure.  Great for beginners or the more advanced anal aficionados. Comes with a battery and lubricant goody bag!

purple vibrating anal vibe

3. The Admiral Plug and Play C-Ring

Have a partner that’s willing to shake things up and venture into the forbidden? You can rev up your intimacy with the Admiral Plug and Play Weighted C-Ring. This classic bulb-shaped plug that comes sturdily connected to the base of a stretchy ring complete with two flickering ticklers. Yes, that's right, flickering ticklers!! Once the ring's in place, the plug can be positioned- natural sexy playtime movement will tug subtly on the penetrated plug. Up the stimulation potential by powering on one of ten possible vibration modes. Hello! Vibration is  synchronized between ring and plug, so you'll both feel the rumbly buzz and experience pleasure to the point of no return! Ay ay, Captain--er, Admiral! 

admiral plug and play weighted c-ring

4. The Leather and Lace Collar and Cuff Set

Read the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series and felt a little stirring in your soul? Wondered what it would be like to let go of your daily stresses and take on the role of a submissive damsel in between the sheets? Then perhaps it’s time you scratched that itch and dipped your red painted toe into the world of BDSM. A great starting place for the beginner is the beautiful Leather and Lace Collar and Cuff set. Not only is it stunningly sexy, it’s also solidly constructed with leather and stainless steel, yet gentle and sophisticated with gold embellished lace. Find a partner who’s willing to share in your play and find out why bondage and submissiveness is a forbidden activity worth succumbing to. 

Leather and Lace BDSM cuffs

5. Rianne S Kinky Me Softly Bondage Kit

Another option we love for the BDSM fans is the Kinky Me Softly Bondage Kit from Rianne S. Imagine awakening your kinky side with a little spicy adult playtime. Rianne S turned a beautiful purple handbag into a discreet naughty item for couple play with personally curated Kinky Me Softly Handbag Kit. The bag contains 7 exciting products for the BDSM curious couple and it’s the perfect and sophisticated start into that journey. Start by masking your partner's view with the Blindfold, then secure their wrists with the Adjustable Wrist Cuffs, their feet with the pair of Adjustable Ankle Cuffs that comes with 2 6 inch lengths of matching chain with quick release snap hooks. To further restrict your subs movements, connect the hand and ankle cuffs to the 12 inch Hog Tie restraint included in the Purple Kinky Me Softly Bondage Kit that also has quick release snap hooks. Your partner will thus be at your mercy and to really make your partner's excitement soar, titillate their nipples with the clamps and tease their erogenous areas with the little purple feather tickler. Spank your partner sensually and softly or punish them with the kinky mini 19 inch flogger whip. 

BDSM kit by Rianne S

6. The Pleasure Panty with Remote Control by Nu Sensuelle

What’s more taboo than having sex in public?! Enjoy this forbidden pleasure on the down low with the Pleasure Panty vibe featuring remote control for partner play. Featuring amazing power and a whopping 15 functions, its run time is approximately 25-50 minutes—plenty of time to tease and tantalize while out and about. Give your partner the remote and prepare for some forbidden fun! Both the bullet and remote are USB rechargeable. String tie panty - one size fits most.

vibrating pleasure panty with remote control
lace panty with vibration and remote control

With so many options to explore, isn’t it about time you added these items to your cart? If you need additional product recommendations, we’re here to help! Just send us a message at and we’ll help you to create a custom experience that’s just right for you and your forbidden desires. 


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