Take a Look Inside the September Belladonna Box!

Anne Alloway

Posted on September 08 2023

It May Be September, but Things Are Heating Up Thanks to the "Belladonna" Box!

The contents of the September 2023 "Belladonna" box from Heart + Honey are displayed on top of the pink box against a black table and white backdrop.
Heart + Honey

"It's time have an honest conversation. Life can be chaotic, and sometimes we forget to prioritize our own sexual desires and well-being. This is where Heart + Honey comes into play. Our monthly subscription boxes are all about putting your sexual health and happiness front and center – a fundamental part of your overall wellness and vitality."

Heart + Honey

Discover the "Belladonna" Box

A black postcard with blue and gold florals and the word Belladonna across the center

In this month's edition of the blog, we're going on a journey of pleasure, empowerment, and self-care as we dive into the exciting contents of the September 2023 “Belladonna” box. As always, our monthly subscription boxes are all about putting your sexual health and happiness front and center – a fundamental part of your overall well-being. We've dedicated the last seven years to helping individuals like you discover their innermost passions and desires, and we hope you agree with us when we say, self-care isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. The gorgeous “Belladonna” box is here to remind you of just that.

The Intimate Connection: 

One thing we've learned for sure over the years of curating our one-of-a-kind sexual discovery boxes is that self-exploration is key! All of our boxes aide you in self-discovery through a carefully curated selection of items, including sensual massage oils and lubes, luxurious bath and body products, and exquisite self-pleasure tools. When you explore your own desires, it becomes easier to share those desires with a partner and deepen your connection. Wouldn't you agree?

Caucasian woman of middle-age is laying on a yellow bedspread wearing a black nightie.

So What's Inside...Let's Dive In!

Uma by Je Joue


Among the highest rated vibes by the luxury brand Je Joue, Uma is a powerhouse of pleasure. Its bulbous shape, ultra-low frequency, and deep tissue transfer of vibrations make it a game-changer. With five speeds and seven patterns, Uma is the ultimate choice for unforgettable pleasure. And it's waterproof and rechargeable, ensuring you have hours of satisfaction at your fingertips. Priced at $99, it's worth every penny and makes a fantastic hero item for our beautiful “Belladonna”. 

The Uma vibrator by Je Joue in a beautiful shade of eggplant
Je Joue

Sensual Massage Candle by Je Joue


No intimate experience would be complete without the sexy glow of candle light and a sensual massage. Indulge yourself in both with this stunningly beautiful candle from Je Joue. Bask in a delicate fragrance that sets the mood for an intimate body massage. Simply let the candle melt for about fifteen minutes until the wax reaches the outer edges of the glass. Then pour the warm, soothing wax directly onto the skin or let it cool slightly for a more gentle experience. This nutrient-rich soy and essential oils combination softens, hydrates, and rejuvenates your skin, leaving it lightly scented and moisturized. Plus, we've included a custom box of Heart + Honey matches to help you stoke the flames of desire!

The Je Joue scented massage candle shown in it
Je Joue

After Dark Accelerator Serum by Cal Exotics 


Another truly delightful addition to the “Belladonna” box is this silky, sexual accelorator serum from Cal Exotics. Combining warming L-arginine with cooling menthol to heighten sensations and kickstart your sexual experiences, this is the secret ingredient for any affair to remember. Whether you're flying solo or with a partner, this serum adds an electrifying dimension to your intimate moments. 

A bottle of After Dark Sexual Accelerator from sexual wellness brand Cal Exotics.
Cal Exotics

Embrace Your Sensuality

Embracing your sensuality is a powerful path to increased confidence and happiness. When you feel good about yourself and your body, it radiates in every aspect of your life. The “Belladonna” box was curated with this sentiment in mind. So go ahead, energize the shadow side of your own divine feminine, indulge your subconscious thoughts, emotional impulses, and primal instincts! Whether you choose the “Belladonna” box or any of our other beautifully themed experience boxes, you'll be on your way to unlocking all the mystery and enchantment your heart desires! With our exclusive range of carefully curated products with your pleasure at the forefront, you'll begin an intriguing journey of fascination and seduction, an experience guaranteed to spark your imagination and set your inhibitions free! 

What's Your Pleasure?

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