June Twilight Garden

Anne Alloway

Posted on August 31 2021

From sunsets to twilight and dusky moments, we often focus on this otherworldly time of day for reflection, meditation, and restoration. There is something significant and profound about watching light fade into evening, and soaking up the transition of day into night. Within this box we embrace that magical hour.

 Heart Honey Queen bee Subscription Box

The archivist collection by GP Co is an anthology of unique, natural scents combined in elegant blends like honeysuckle, blackberry, rosewood and musk. All reminiscent of a twilight garden in spring. Each candle is hand poured and signed by the artisan. Accompanying matches add that extra aesthetic!

 Heart + Honey Candle

The evening takes flight! The golden garden bee in 18K plate over925 sterling dances daintily around your neck on its 18 inch chain. A testament to nature surrendering at twilight.

Heart Honey Box Bee Pendant Necklace 

Intimate Earth Glide in fresh and natural scents - Perfect as a lubricant in numerous situations, solo or with a partner. No saccharin, no aspartame, no aftertaste. A tasty evening treat.

Intimate Earth Glide


The ultimate evening escapade, the S-hande Dew. Dual options for unlimited pleasure. Nine vibration modes, Nine suction modes, no limit to the variety you can enjoy. IPX7 rechargeable and completely waterproof!

Dual suction vibrator Heart HoneyDew Dual Suction Vibrator


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