How to Enhance Intimacy and Passion with a Heart + Honey Couple's Box

Anne Alloway

Posted on March 22 2023

Have you ever felt inhibited by unspoken shame around sex and desire? Are you embarrassed at the mere thought of discussing your sexual fantasies with your partner? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you are not alone. For many women, there is something holding them back from fully embracing their sexual side. Whether it was having grown up in a conservative household or being called demeaning names by the mean girls in high school, the reasons for the feelings of humiliation around sex are varied. Many women carry these feelings subconsciously through adulthood and find that they impact their satisfaction in the sack in unexpected ways. 

That’s where the Heart + Honey Couple’s Box comes in. Like a beautifully packaged permission slip to explore the depths of intimacy and connection with her partner, a Heart + Honey Couple’s box helps women shed their inhibitions and experiment in a safe space with products purposely curated to create an amorous exchange between lovers. 

Heart + Honey Couples Box contents displayed with crinkle paper
Heart + Honey ​​

"All the senses are engaged in this package of luxury items that stimulates sight, smell, taste, and touch. This box is curated according to the couple, and erotic toys will be included for each partner."

Heart + Honey Couple
Heart + Honey Couples Box showing lube and body products

The Couple's Box Experience

Each Couple’s Box is like a ceremony. From the moment it arrives at the door, a sense of excitement and wonder starts to build. As a woman and her partner begin the unboxing, walls begin to come down as they explore the contents together and uncover new and exciting plans for the evening. It feels as if this box was made just for them—because it was! Whether they decided to add some notes about personal preferences when they ordered or just left it up to the Heart + Honey Curation Team to surprise them, each Couple’s Box feels like a love letter to the couple…a declaration of renewed passion and possibility. 

We took some time to chat with the Curation Team about what makes the Heart + Honey Couple’s box such a fan-favorite and they happily spilled the beans. What follows is their favorite products and an explanation of the great care they take to provide a service that encourages women to abandon antiquated inhibitions that no longer serve them and embrace the full spectrum of their sexuality. 

Heart + Honey Couple

A Chat with the Curation Team

Q- What makes the Heart + Honey Couple’s box unique? 

A- Where do we start?! Our Couple’s Box is one of our very favorite items to curate because we hear from customers so often about how much it has helped zhuzh up their sex lives. We take great care to include items that both members of the couple will get excited about. Everything from vibrating c-rings and g-spot vibes to candles and chocolates. It’s about creating a full-on sensory experience that not only sets the mood, but gets you to the finish line too. 

Q- How can the Heart + Honey box be customized?

A- Great question! We pride ourselves on the fact that these boxes are so customizable. Customers are encouraged to leave notes at check out regarding their preferences. Are they looking to introduce some BDSM after years of ho-hum sex or is that totally off limits? Do they want more romance and mood-setters like candles and massage oils? The more the couple lets us know, the more personalized their boxes can be. It’s a great feature of our boxes and something you’d never find at the big chain stores. 

Another way you can customize your experience is by choosing whether you want a one-time box for a special event like an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or vacation or if you want to keep the momentum going with a monthly subscription. We find that many people start with a one-time box and then end up subscribing because it’s such a great value. We offer month to month, three month, six month and one year subscription schedules. The more you commit to upfront, the greater the savings. 

Q- Do the Couples Boxes follow a monthly theme like the Queen Bee and Bumble Bee boxes? 

A- Yes and no. Single purchase Couples Boxes do not follow a monthly theme. In order to access the themed boxes, the customer must subscribe to the monthly shipments. We love the themed boxes because they add an element of imagination and ‘setting the scene’ so to speak. For example, this month’s box was called “Love Story” and it included hand-picked items to set an amorous mood including a hair and body mist called Angel’s Dream, a gourmet box of chocolates, a water-based lubricant and a beautiful, gold trimmed G spot vibe with air pressure. We then hand-pick items for the other partner, whether male or another female, to that base and voila! A perfect night in is born. 

Q- Can you describe what comes in a typical Couples Box? Walk us through that unboxing experience. 

A- Sure! The typical Couple’s Box comes to your door in our discreet packaging like any other Heart + Honey box. The first thing the couple will notice upon opening is a gold seal securing the tissue paper that hides the treasure trove of goodies beneath. Once the seal is broken, the fun begins. One by one, the couple will discover new and exciting products to explore. A standard box might include a paddle for some light BDSM, one of our favorite lubricants, accessories for oral sex like throat sprays and flavored oral gels, a massage candle, a box of our favorite Champagne flavored gummies and of course, toys for each member of the couple. The options are plentiful and as we mentioned before, the more a couple tells us in their checkout notes about what their goals are, the more we can tailor the curation to their specific needs and preferences. 

Q- Wow! That sounds amazing! What kinds of feedback do you get from customers about their Couples Box experiences? 

A- We love hearing from our couples. Getting their emails always makes us do a little happy dance! The great thing about our couples is that many of them have been subscribers for many months and even many years so we have some great long-term data on what they like and how these boxes have reinvigorated their sex lives. Whether they tell us that these boxes have brought back the spark by providing a monthly date night they look forward to or they’ve expanded their horizons and grown closer from the shared experience of trying something new—and maybe even taboo—within the safety of their relationship, we hear it all and it never gets old. 

Q- Is there anything else you'd like to add? 

A- Just that we love hearing from our customers so if they have any questions they should know that they could reach us at We're happy to assist! 


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