See What's Inside the "Night Bloom" Box!

Anne Alloway

Posted on May 15 2024

Heart + Honey

What's inside this beautiful "Night Bloom" box? Let's explore together...

Step into the enchanting realm of the "Night Bloom" box—a sanctuary where sensuality meets empowerment. Our curation is a symphony of seduction with overtures of well-being, designed to ignite your passions and elevate your intimate experiences

Why Heart + Honey?

  • Established in 2017, Heart + Honey is a company by women and for women (and their partners). 

  • We understand that so much on the adult market is curated for the male aesthetic. We set out to change that with our thoughtful themes and bespoke curations of high end, boutique style products

  • We've been featured on the pages of The Wall Street Journal, Buzz Feed, Glamour and more! Find out what these top Life and Style reporters already know! 

Want to know more about why so many of our customers come back again and again? Read on to discover the thrill of unboxing a Heart + Honey box! 

Elevate Your Self Care with the "Night Bloom" box!

Embrace the allure of the night and surrender to the transformative power of our "Night Bloom" box. A value of $183 for only $95!

1. The Hera by Je Joue

  • Soft, squishy tip for deep, rumbly G-Spot stimulation
  • Flexible thumb targets clitoris for heightened pleasure 
  • Sleek and ergonomic design for ultimate ease of use and endless satisfaction 

Why You'll Love It: Prepare to experience pleasure like never before with the Hera Rabbit Vibrator. Designed to bring you ultimate satisfaction, Hera boasts unparalleled softness and sleekness, all while living up to the hype of her Goddess namesake. 

Hera's innovative design features a plush, squishy tip delivering deep, rumbly vibrations precisely to your G-Spot. Amazing for novices, experts and everyone in between, the hero of the "Night Bloom" box is sure to ignite your sexual awakening! 

The Hera Rabbit Vibrator by Je Joue pictured in pink.
Je Joue

2. Plant Therapy Passive Lotus Diffuser

  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Beautifully decorative lotus design
  • Absorbent Beech Wood base

Why You'll Love It: Set the mood for sensuality and self-care with this whimsical Passive Lotus Diffuser. The chic lotus flower top is porous and unglazed, allowing essential oils to absorb and gently scent the air around it without using any heat or electricity. Just apply 4-5 drops of your favorite essential oil (we love the Sun Kissed blend that comes in your box as part of this curation) or blend directly to the flower and enjoy. Please note that because this diffuser is porous, it is normal for oils used to discolor the lotus flower. Keep this in mind when selecting oils to use with the diffuser and when selecting where to place the oil drops. This gives your Passive Lotus Diffuser a unique, soft coloring you layer on each time you use it. A fabulous edition to the "Night Bloom" box!

The Passive Lotus Flower Diffuser by Plant Therapy is pictured on its Beech Wood base.
Plant Therapy

3. Sun Kissed Essential Oil Blend

  • Cheerful & uplifting scent
  • Encourages a happy atmosphere
  • Mood boosting & energizing

Why You'll Love It: Enjoy a daily dose of sunshine with this warm and cheerful Sun Kissed Essential Oil Blend from Plant Therapy. Crafted with a delightful medley of Orange, Grapefruit, May Chang, and other radiant oils, each drop is a little piece of sunlight made to capture the essence of our impending summer’s joyful, carefree spirit. Use this oil to lift your spirits before, during or after your intimate time. Whether it's starting your day on a positive note or finding a midday pick-me-up, Sun Kissed is your go-to for an instant lift. Just a few drops in your accompanying Lotus diffuser, and you'll feel like the sun has come out, just for you. Comes as part of every "Night Bloom" box!

Sun Kissed Essential Oil by Plant Therapy is pictured.
Plant Therapy

Heart + Honey's boutique style self-care boxes are an essential part of your wellness ritual. 


  • Reduce stress
  • Explore your likes and dislikes
  • Discover new products and brands

Heart + Honey
Heart + Honey

4. Moon Phase Flower Power Bath Bomb Trio

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Wild rose and citrus
  • 100% sustainable packaging

Why You'll Love It: Prepare to relax the day away with this enchanting blend of floral kissed bath bombs. Featuring rose water, lavender oil and Epsom salts to clear the mind and invigorate your senses, these bath bombs will provide the glow up your self care routine has been needing! Simply open and place a bath bomb under running water. Set your intentions and then steep in the bath for as long as desired. One of our favorite items in the "Night Bloom" box! 

Bath Bomb Trio pictured in three different scents.
Sow the Magic

5. Blue Lotus Roll-On Pheromone Fragrance Oil

  • Unisex, vegan pheremones
  • Made in the USA
  • Body safe

Why You'll Love It: The alluring fragrances of this paraben free formula will help to create the ultimate attraction. Notice how the fragrance blends with your skin's pH to create a one-of-a-kind scent unique to you. This rich and silky formula blends well on the skin and can be worn alone or layered with your favorite scents. This item is not to be missed as part of the "Night Bloom" box!

Sex Magnet pheremone spray from Kama Sutra is pictured next to its box.
Sow the Magic

Don't miss out on the opportunity to try these unique products for yourself! The "Night Bloom" box is available in very limited quantities and will sell out! In case you miss it, check out some of our other favorite single purchase boxes including Fools Rush In and Sea Spirit.

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"You know, there's no pleasure like the joy of being a sexual woman."

Fiona Thrust

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Heart + Honey
Heart + Honey

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