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The Top FIVE Ways a Heart + Honey Couple’s Box Can Put the Spark Back in Your Sex Life

Anne Alloway

Posted on August 17 2022

"Fix the sex and your relationship will transform."

Esther Perel

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Love life lost its luster? Not to worry! You’ve got options when it comes to stoking the fires of passion in your relationship. Heart + Honey has made it its mission to revitalize sex lives, one expertly curated box at a time. Read on to find out exactly how a Heart + Honey Couple's box can rekindle your love and reinvigorate your time in between the sheets.

Let Us Count the Ways...

  1. Something NEW—Whether you’ve been together forever or are just hitting your first between the sheets slump as a duo, nothing can add more spice to your sexy time than an element of newness. Heart + Honey Couple’s Boxes deliver your mojo right to your doorstep in a beautifully discrete package. Imagine the excitement of unboxing a pleasure treasure trove together and getting to work trying out all of your new bells and whistles—and buzzers—oh my! 
Heart + Honey box partially opened to reveal tissue paper and branded sticker
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2. Something to DISCOVER—How well do you really know your partner’s innermost desires—or your own for that matter? Couples love their monthly Heart + Honey boxes because of the discovery component. Each box contains items to coax you out of your same old, same old—moving you from the tame lane to the wild side as your subscription continues. Have boundaries you don’t want to cross? Maybe you’re not a ball gag gal? A big WTF for BDSM? Not a problem! You can make notes about your preferences and any off-limits items or experiences at check out. 

gold and white crinkle paper in beautiful box with a red and black paddle and Heart + Honey branded card
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3. Something to ANTICIPATE—Nothing can fan the flames of desire as well as a little anticipation. The build up of wondering what new experience awaits as your Heart + Honey shipment draws near is enough to rev up even the most flacid of engines. The eager expectation you’ll share with your partner will have you raring to go at the mere sight of “Out For Delivery”. 

Heart and Honey Couples box opened to reveal beautiful contents inside
Heart+ Honey ​​

4. Something to BUILD INTIMACY—You and your partner have lost that lovin’ feeling? Relationship experts say the key to getting it back is building intimacy—what they call “the glue” of partner bonds. Your Heart + Honey Couple’s box will increase intimate opportunities, foster your sexual expression and reinforce your intimate attachment as a result. Couples frequently report that their Heart + Honey subscription has expanded their closeness, desire and love for one another. Win-win!! 

An assortment of erotic toys and accessory items
Heart ​​+ Honey

5. Something FUN—The couple that has fun together, stays together! There’s no denying that unboxing a unique and personal box that has been curated just for you and your hunny is super FUN! It’s so easy to get lost in the monotony of every day life, but when you carve out time to dive into your Heart + Honey box, the result is always worth the effort. The experience of figuring out how your new toys work, experimenting with sensory encounters like hot wax massage or blindfolding, or even giggling your way through your first bondage adventure, it’s the fun you share together that ultimately puts the pep back in your sexy step. 

Your Mojo Awaits...

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