Oct - Requiem Box

Anne Alloway

Posted on March 22 2022

What is memory? An amalgam of recollections and daydreams. Lucid flashes and hazy moments, woven together with emotion and reminiscence. Relived vividly within a familiar smell, or a cherished refrain.

Wander amongst the ghosts of your past, present and future with this otherworldly collection of rapture.

Heart Honey Requiem Box


Part of the Spongellé Private Reserve Collection, the limited edition Night Jasmine is the perfect pairing romantic and restful. A curation of evocative fragrances including Bergamot, Jasmine, Tuberose, Gardenia, amber and sandalwood. Massage and hydrate with the long lasting unique body wash infused buffer

spongelle night jasmine

Promescent Warming Gel - Restore the anticipation you recall from blissful times. This gentle warming gel allows you to experience increased clitoral sensitivity. Apply just 5 minutes before intimacy or masturbation to make a delightful experience all the more so.

promescent warming gell

The Requiem Candle by L'Apothicaire - Gorgeously handmade. Night blooming Jasmine rises from a bed of deep black amber and musk, while sandalwood provides peace and eternal tranquillity. The hefty 8 ounce pour & 38 hour burn time will complement your repose all month long. The custom matches are a reminder of your universal permanence .

L'apothicaire candle requiem

The Devil's Kiss - Quite an exceptional design - this toy is an amazing intimate experience, whether alone or with a partner. The shaft is solid yet flexible, and the pressure is determined by a human hand - giving it unparalleled pleasure control. The flicker of the clitoral "tongue" is both gentle and firm, Combine these 2 elements and you have a transcendent sexual experience that will remain in your memory for a lifetimes. Nine modes of stimulation, IPX7 waterproof, USB rechargeable

Devil's kissm vibrator



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