August - The sensuality of all senses

Anne Alloway

Posted on August 15 2017


What does it mean to be sensual? It’s not the same as sexual, but the two are related. The more you embrace your sensuality, the easier it will be to connect with your sexuality.

Being sensual means paying attention to, and enjoying, the things that your senses are telling you. It means experiencing pleasure through your senses by appreciating beautiful smells, delicious tastes, interesting sounds, and the pleasure of touch.

When we are busy, or stressed, or distracted, its hard to pay any attention to whats going on around us. Its impossible to appreciate the sensuality of all our senses - and that can make feeling sexual hard too.

As the season winds down, we encourage you to be intentional about what you see, smell, hear, taste, and touch. If you feel like you have been disconnected from your sensual side, purposefully restore it by appreciating a quality meal, beautiful music, the feeling of grass under your feet. Look for a variety of ways to indulge your senses. Take a warm bath. Wear clothes that feel wonderful on your skin. Burn scented candles or diffuse essential oils. Pick one of your senses and really focus on it, then see how other senses heighten when you impede that sense. Love your body, and feel fully in it. Practice your favorite self care rituals. Sleep in the nude!

While these are all simple suggestions - its guaranteed that if you mindfully take elementary steps like these, that you will tap into your sensual energy. You are radiant, magnificent, and splendid. It is your fundamental nature to shine! Sensual energy is receptive!! And connecting with your sensuality opens you to receive pleasure in all its forms. 

We have created an alluring box to help you in your mindful month of sensuality. 

By all means, absorb it!



In this month of sensual appreciation, we have carefully chosen items to facilitate your awareness of your 5 traditional senses - and how being intentional with what you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell will encourage you to be receptive to pleasure of all sorts.

We start out with the Dona by System Jo pheromone and aphrodisiac infused bubble bath. Soak and away stress. Find solace in the deliciously scented bubbles. The smell is sensuous enough, but the infusion of pheromones will certainly heighten your senses and the senses of others who you may be involved with.

Next you will find the silken floral scarf - enjoy it for its sensual texture and the feeling of it on your skin, use it as a blindfold, to obscure your sense of sight, and notice how all other senses are heightened - which is most notably so? Your sense of hearing? Are all sounds around you suddenly amplified? From sounds of nature outside, to the the fan above your head, to the sound of your own breath? How about your sense of touch - whether its a fabric over your body, a hand on your own skin - the sense of touch becomes exquisitely sharp without sight to accompany it. Its remarkable how our perceptions change with when one sense is hindered.

Also included, you will find the sexy Bijoux Indiscrets Za-Za-Zu feather cuffs, use these delicate restraints to actually hinder your sense of touch. Similar to the the exercise with the scarf, allow your other senses to heighten.
We debated - can these be worn doubled over as bangles on one wrist?? The opinion here was YES! But that decision is up to you and your personal level of moxie : )

The next items go hand in hand - The Jelique Nipple Balm is a lovely compliment to The Nalone Fi-Fi. Most often, sexual arousal is focused below the waist - but this month we focus northward - the FiFi is a perfect vibrator for nipple play. Add the tingle balm and you have an exquisitely intense sensation. The focus on your nipples may be part of your everyday repertoire - or something unusual - but try adding the blindfold to this adventure, and again, experience things a little differently.
Of course - the FiFi isn’t limited to nipple stimulation -it can be used a variety of ways on you or your partner (see the instructions included in the box). Its flexibility makes it a great addition to your collection of erotic aids!

Finally - the goodie bag. Simple treats with big payoff. This month we asked the folks at Orglamix to make a lip balm that would enhance the sense of taste - our request was “something natural, sexy, and delicious.” They came up with this summer flavor - an all-natural blend of peach, sweet, ripe berries, and tropical pineapple, with a tiny hint of rose for floralcy and caramel for richness. We want to to be intentional about our senses - and this delicious treat will help you on your sensuous journey.
Of course there is a packet of lube in there - Sassy Sliquid (one of our favs), cause we will never send you off without some!! Happy month of mindful sensuality!!




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