October - The Geisha Box

Anne Alloway

Posted on December 30 2020

The centuries-old tradition of geisha is one of Japan’s most recognized, yet least understood cultural traditions. Geisha are professional entertainers  and social companions, skilled in the arts of conversation, music, dance, literature, and tea ceremony.

Authentic geisha are highly respected, andpaid for their social company at parties and other functions, often held at special restaurants known in Kyoto as tea-houses. Training to be a geisha takes many years and apprentice geisha are known as maiko. They spend hours a day learning how to play musical instruments like the koto or shamisen. They learn intricate dances in which the slightest movement is imbued with a great depth of symbolism. And above all, they learn to brighten a room with their wit and charm

Tabi(足袋) are traditional Japanese socks worn with thonged footwear dating back to the 15th century. Geisha wear tabi socks with zori (flat-soled sandals).  The tabi and zori are simple complements to the ornate and colorful kimono, a traditional Japanese robe, with the beautiful obi sash tied around the waist and knotted in the back.

tabi socks 

Red lipstick (beni)is applied in geisha makeup. In case of the first-year maiko, the red can be applied only on the lower lip. For other maiko and geiko both lips are painted. The lips are painted smaller than they actually are, often to mimic a flower bud.

 geisha lipstick

Geisha of all types often use hand fansfor performance or as an accessory, especially Maiko. Maiko fans are used in the famous fan dances that apprentice geisha are trained to perform and execute with true elegance. Geisha and Maiko also use fans as a way of expressing themselves, and they are critical elements in their dances. More so in previous years, the fan was used to cover a geisha’s face in an act of purposeful shyness, while using the eyes emotively to portray a sense of mystery and enticement.

 geisha Fan

Kurochiku Tsubakido Sweet Solid Perfumeis a perfectly Japanese touch toyour Geisha experience. Inspired by nature specific to Japan and subtle enough for all day wear, enjoy this token ofJapan imported especially for you.


The Luxeluv DO Vibrating Eggwith Remote Control.Eight variations of vibration, waterproof and rechargeable.This delicate toy is accented with japanese cherry blossoms and makes a beautiful addition to your collection.

vibrating love egg


Luxeluv V2 - A suppple clitoral and G-spot stimulator with 360° rotation capabilities. Rechargeable with a magnetic port.Waterproof. And every bit as graceful as a geisha.

geisha vibrator




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