Our April Box: Positivity

Anne Alloway

Posted on April 15 2017

Our emotional mindset has tremendous influence over our well-being, so it is no surprise that negative thoughts and emotions decrease libido. Stress and anxiety are physically and emotionally draining, which contributes to (among other things) low sex drive. Particularly among women, sexual desire can be situational and psychological, influenced by how a woman feels about her body, as well as the quality of the relationship with her partner(s). Furthermore, our ideas about what healthy sexuality looks like can be muddled by cultural messaging, traumatic personal experiences, and numerous other known and unknown reasons. In other words, our complex and varied emotions can complicate something that is otherwise natural, healthy, and fun! 


This month’s theme is POSITIVITY, and the choice to embrace it! We encourage you to make a conscious choice to release negativity that dampens libido and passion, and basically wreaks havoc on your well-being. Identify the negative thoughts and feelings taking up space in your mind and release them ceremoniously. Instead feed feelings of love and acceptance for others, and especially for yourself! Life isn't perfect, but the conscious decision to take charge of your emotions and your outlook is empowering... And try to find something sexier than empowerment!


A few of the simplest, yet most powerful suggestions to establish a positive outlook:

+ Use words that evoke strength and success - fill your mind and your conversation with positive and affirming language. It's good for you, and those around you.

+ Understand that your thoughts do not own you - It sounds obvious, but take a step back and really let that sink in. You control your thoughts, not the other way around. Bye-bye negativity! You're not welcome here!

+ Mind your vibe - you get back what you put out in the world. Send out the energy you want to receive!


We have carefully chosen some amazing products to help you on your positivity journey this month. We hope they help you attract all the good juju you deserve!



We start off this month with an amazing Positivity Set. We are so excited to partner with Heather from Frequency Sprays for this, she really puts TLC in all her products and you can be sure that each of these sets was handmade with love. We feel that the human touch really comes through and will evoke a sense of happiness and harmony for all who use them.
The items in this set are created with a special blend of lemon, orange, lemongrass, rosemary and peppermint essential oils. This special blend is created for its soothing and uplifting properties. Golden jade (jasper) stones are used as they are known to nurture during times of stress, and bring about a feeling of tranquility and wholeness. The set contains a bottle of essential oil, a room and body spray, and a bar of glycerin soap, There is also an amazing sachet of Rose and lavender in there to keep in a drawer, or sprinkle in a bath for extra lovlieness. Without a doubt, this glorious combination will keep you humming happily all month long.

Now that you have inhaled the positive and exhaled the negative, you are ready to move on to the next item in our box. A joyous instrument by Nalone.
A pure silicone outer body and stylish ergonomic design makes the TOUCH the most beautiful and attractive of products.  The touch sensitive control gives you the ability to command the intensity of vibrations. 
Customize the vibration patterns using the touch responsive panel for tailored G-spot stimulation. Simply press and hold the 'T' button during any setting to switch your vibe from standard controls to the touch setting. Its versatile design is beautiful for internal or external massage. Also, this creature is rechargeable! And waterproof! Yay for waterplay! 

Finally you will find a cheerful little envelope of treats - Sliquid Organics O-Gel and Oceanics lubricants. Keeping in the festivities, these little gems will add comfort and sensation when you need it most. Latex, rubber, & plastic friendly. Glycerin, paraben, & petroleum free. Enjoy! 


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