Our February Box - Embracing Sensuality, Creativity, and Connection

Anne Alloway

Posted on February 15 2017

The month of February brings about the opportunity to enhance our connection with others. Valentine's Day often focuses soley on a romantic connection with a significant other - which is an important celebration - but additionally we can cultivate our own sensuality and creativity. The enrichment of these aspects of our lives lights a fire that all can see.


This month's Heart + Honey box starts off with Noni Blends Love Potion #1 - Using aphrodisiac oils, Love Potion #1 consists of 100% pure sandalwood and orange essential oils, and a splash of rose premium grade fragrance oil. Blended with pure fractionated coconut carrier oil, including dried organic rose petals and rose quartz crystals that have been energized by the full moon! The oils in this concoction have been chosen because of their ability to enhance our sensual lives: SANDLEWOOD is a natural aphrodisiac. It has enticing and soothing qualities that enhance love making. ORANGE increases playfulness and fun, and aids in creativity. ROSE is a natural aphrodisiac. It helps balance hormones, increases feelings of love and opens up the heart chakra. ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL attracts and enhances love. Stones are cleansed with Sage prior to admission, and are not touched by bare hands, to prevent personal energy transference.


Next we have chosen Buddha Teas Sacral Chakra Tea. Chakras can be described as the meeting points of energy channels in the body. The sacral chakra is located in the abdomen, just below the belly button. It's functions include channeling creativity, sexuality, and emotional balance. This is the chakra that most affects our relationships with, and acceptance of others. Strengthening the sacral chakra allows one to be more in touch with the pleasures encountered in life. The herbs in this tea have been carefully chosen for their ability to reflect the sacral chakra - marigold, burdock root, dong quai, damiana and ginger provide a variation in flavor and tone that provides a truly enriching experience. The herbs of this tea have been strengthened through the essence of moonstone, a gemstone known to offer both protection and healing, and helping to inspire a sense of calm.


Thirdly, we present The Satisfyer 1. With its intensive pressure waves and tingling pulsation, it provides touch-free stimulation and thus an extra dose of pleasure. Its a relatively new product to the market, and has been met with rave reviews. One that said; "when I use this toy my whole body sings, my muscles clench in celebration, my heart soars, and my brain fills with a thousand more orgasm euphemisms that are far too cliché to commit to." Well, how can that do anything but improve ones outlook on life? It sold us on including this in our February box. We have included batteries so you can try it immediately.


Finally, enjoy Intimate Organics' Intense Stimulating Gel. With a strong concentration of natural ingredients that promote arousal and enhance sensation, it can be used along with The Satisfyer, or on its own.


Wishing You a Month of Health, Vitality, and Passion!

Heart + Honey


Discuss any herbs with your healthcare provider before use. These products not intentended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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