Our May Theme: Jasmine!

Anne Alloway

Posted on May 15 2017


Jasmine is a magical flower, an aphrodisiac and the kindling of romance. Jasmine is a highly cultivated, highly treasured plant in many cultures. Its delicate flowers are harvested to make oils, perfumes and even culinary dishes. Extracting oil from jasmine flowers is a labor intense process, making it more valuable than other essential oils. The flowers are gathered at night when the odor is strongest. Workers must pick the flowers carefully because they are so delicate. They are laid out on cotton cloths soaked in olive oil for several days and then extracted, leaving the true jasmine essence. More than five million flowers must be gathered to produce one kilo of what is known as “pure jasmine absolute.” The power of jasmine is as strong as it is rare.


Jasmine has potent erotic properties. It is passionate, uninhibited, fully sensuous. It's scent can ignite a spiritual experience between lovers. If sexual blockages stand in the way of the full expression of your love, jasmine oil can help breakdown those blockages. It has both feminine and masculine energy, and its aphrodisiac energy is appealing to all genders.

As a flower that blooms at night, jasmine is a catalyst for dreams. It can bring dreams that are prophetic or erotic. If you'd like to dream about love, jasmine can be a powerful aid.

Jasmine is an anti-depressant. If you are feeling lonely, without love or without enough sex, jasmine can bring feelings of romantic love to your life . You can fill yourself with the love magic of jasmine even if you do not have a physical lover right now - Jasmine can connect you to the eternal seduction of life.


Since Jasmine is such an adventurous flower, renowned for a millennia or more because of its erotic potency - we had to curate a box that would do it justice. Something emboldened, something intoxicating. Something daring and wild, while sensuous and delicate….and we think we did just that with our May boxes!

As example, our queen bee box contains the following:

We begin with Jasmine Tea by Buddha Teas. It is made only with pure jasmine blossoms to provide a strong, smooth, quality tea which is known to increase libido and sexual desire. Steep a cup before lovemaking or solo play. Drink it alone, or combine it with some of your other favorite teas (green tea for example) for an even more exotic taste. While the focus of this box addresses sexual fulfillment, it is worth noting that Jasmine tea has numerous other health benefits from aiding in weight loss, to reducing cholesterol. Its benefits are so numerous, its worth reading up on.

We follow up with the Jasmine Shea butter gift set by Soap and Paper Factory. Crafted with Jasmine Absolute, this set uses citrus & tuberose essences to compliment the power of the jasmine fragrance. Soap and Paper company prides themselves on their natural ingredients - so you can suds up and moisturize without concern. Enjoy the intoxicating power of their jasmine products.

Then check this out!! Handmade by Natalie at Bugs and Beads in Tacoma, Washington - the most delicate corked glass vial filled with real dried jasmine flowers. A graceful and beautiful compliment to your month of jasmine magic. Wear it as a reminder of the powerful seduction you possess.

We move on to the Daring Glass Dil! Dual ended with two different textures, its an amazing piece to expand your horizons - the possibilities with this piece are limited only by your imagination and the boundaries in which you feel comfortable.

The hero item of our May box is the Rianne S Anna’s trilogy kit - aimed at helping you discover the goddess within. These beautiful, elegant products allow women to get back in touch with their desires, while feeling comfortable and sexy.
The kit includes:
• Francoise Mask: This Venetian style masque is sexy, graceful and perfect to be worn for special occasions.
• Nipple jewels: If you’ve never adorned yourself like this, live it up with these sophisticated dangles - perfect for a spicy evening.
• Posterior plug: This medical-grade silicone plug is especially suitable for the beginner. With its small size, it’s perfect to explore the body and undiscovered erogenous zones.

And as usual we include our treat bag - this time we are sending you Sliquid Sassy Lubricant. Its a thicker lubricant and stays on the surface of the skin longer, reducing friction, making it perfect for posterior play or vaginal penetration. Sassy contains no desensitizing ingredients, and is paraben and glycerin free. It is latex, rubber and plastic friendly. Enjoy!


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