The Empress

Anne Alloway

Posted on September 18 2018

Tarot cards are one of the oldest forms of playing cards, originating in the mid 15th century in Europe. The empress is one of the most easily recognizable cards in the tarot deck. The image of the Empress is powerful and cloaked in symbolism.

The Empress wears a crown, often of stars, signifying rulership and authority, a “marriage ring” between heaven and earth. The Empress rules over fertility and reproduction; it is under her rule that all manner of flora and fauna proliferate. The Empress represents action being taken - doing rather than just thinking. The Empress is obviously a positive omen for love. The Empress also represents reassurance and abundance - her image is thought to be a herald of good fortune.

The Empress Inspired Treasures in this  Heart + Honey box include:


The custom Empress Charm Bracelet in garnet and sterling silver. The garnet harkens the deep red hues associated with fruitfulness of The Empress. The charms are all chosen for power they bestow the wearer. The sun, moon, flowering bud, and crown are all important symbols of the sovereignty of the daughter of heaven and earth.

The LuxeLuv i7 - This modern interpretation of the original wand vibrator is sleek and regal looking. Its dual motor capabilities provide plenty of options for internal and external stimulation. Waterproof, and easily rechargeable with its magnetic USB charging cord, enjoy the 8 vibration options for an imperial experience!

A couple of treats from Karess Krafters Apothecary - Whispers for Women Feminine Wash is the perfect all-natural choice for giving yourself the royal treatment – without harsh ingredients or artificial chemicals. With daily use, it can help keep areas prone to itching and irritation calmer and healthier. If you find yourself nervous before intimacy, it’s a great, quick way to prepare and leave your skin feeling supple.

The Yoni Sacred Feminine Oil is made with all natural ingredients that have been chosen for their soothing properties that calm the skin of the vagina, vulva, or perineal area. This oil is just what you need to keep your sacred place balanced and to restore lubrication after childbirth, pelvic exam, or a passionate experience. In addition, it is also ideal for dryness caused by stress or hormonal changes. It can act as a lubricant for intercourse too -- although it is not compatible with latex, so please bear that in mind!!

Empress Orchard Bubble Dust and Bath Truffle Spa Set - This set pairs luxury with decadence by featuring two custom essential oil blends so you can choose your own bath time indulgence.

Bubble Dust - The softness of Baking Soda combined with a plant derived bubbling agent create a fragrant blanket of foam in your tub. Bath Truffles - the glorious lovechild of a bath bomb and a bath melt. You get the bubble and fizz of a bomb with all the beautiful benefits of cocoa, shea, and mango butters. Gently scented, and created with natural ingredients. Made with care by EmElleEm Soaps. 





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