May - The Harmony Box

Anne Alloway

Posted on May 20 2019

A Woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing.

She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and herself only

~ Maya Angelou
Harmony Box
We wish you harmony with this box - and we bring it to you with a wholistically inspired collection:
harmony ball necklace
Music is the expression of harmony in sound. Harmony Balls bring music to your day with their faint chime. Designed by Celts in ancient times, and used as a meditative device, these sterling spheres emit a calming harmony. Hung from a 24 inch sterling chain.
Airome pluggable diffuser with essential oil
The Pebble Pluggable Diffuser is a simple pleasure with its porcelain base and beautifully lit pattern. It uses gentle warming to release the fragrance from essential oils and impart their aromatherapy benefits. It can be used in both vertical and horizontal outlets by twisting the plug base. Find your harmony by choosing to cycle through 8 LED colors, to feature one color, or leave the light off.
Also included in the harmony box is the Airome Deep Soothe Essential Oil Blend of anise, basil, camphor eucalyptus, lavender, orange, peppermint, rosemary, and wintergreen oils. Diffuse this soothing blend to restore when you feel depleted, reinvigorate yourself naturally!
Harmony massage oil Kama sutra
Kama Sutra Harmony Massage oil -Essences of juniper, pine, lavender and rosemary. A soothing, rejuvenating remedy for the mind and body. Promoting deep relaxation, this rich, emollient formula makes it a pleasure to give or receive a sensuous, full-body massage. Pour Kama Sutra's Aromatics Massage Oil's into the bath or smooth onto the body as a daily moisturizer for silky, hydrated skin.
Screaming O Tri It Vibrator
And the final item in the month of harmony is the Screaming O Charged® Tri-it!™ Vibe, a rechargeable triple contact clitoral vibrator with 20 functions of deep, rumbling vibration,  all driven by Screaming O’s powerful Positive® motor. Crafted from lab-tested, body-safe True Silicone®, the Charged® Tri-it!™ Vibe is waterproof and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. While this product is marketed toward women, reviews assure that it is enjoyable when used by a man as well, making this a harmonious addition to anyone's collection.


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