August - The Rose Box

Anne Alloway

Posted on September 05 2019

There is no plant that holds as much significance in our minds and imaginations as the rose. From Rumi to Shakespeare to Emily Brontë, the rose has captivated the full range of human emotion. It has come to represent a multitude of concepts and ideals, some conflicting. How can the same flower that symbolizes purity and beauty also symbolize coldness and distance? Both chastity and lust?  This box captures the fragility, strength, complexity, and unparalleled beauty of the rose.

RejuvenatingRose Shower Gel by Panier Des Sens Thanks to a blend of castor oil and shea butter, this gel softly cleanses your skin without disrupting its natural balance. The extra-gentle washing formulation (rose oil is known to be gentle even on sensitive skin) turns into afine foam with warm water contact. Skin is left delicately scented with a bouquet of fragrances from Provence.

Made with 20% shea butter and packaged handily for travel, you can have supple and beautiful hands at any time with Rejuvenating Rose Hand Cream. This gentle cream nourishes, protects and softens the skin.

panier des sens rose shower gel 

In the Name of the Rose Sterling and Swarovski pendant necklace.Created by Wristicuffs, as a testament to to the transient but magnificent glory of the blooming rose. Simple, delicate and grand!

Rose Swarovski pendant necklace


For a little adventure in your intimate life, we bring you the gorgeous Eros Posterior Plug.Made withbody safe aluminum and ABS, this elegant plug will leave you feeling all dressed up. Its shape and size are perfect for beginners to anal play, though more experienced users will appreciate its substance.

rose butt plug 

And finally! The Secret Rose by WowYes.Hold on! You are about to meet your new favorite toy! So sophisticated and demure, yet so very potent! With its delicate pinpoint wand tip, the Secret Rose whirls around in tiny circles so you can focus its unique stimulation. It is a unique vibrator experience, and you can adjust stimulation by increasing or decreasing pressure - add the 10 modes of vibration and 2 additional attachment heads, and you have an endless selection of euphoric choices.

Rose vibrator


The Rose Box is available in our shop while supplies last!


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