December Box - Paris!

Anne Alloway

Posted on December 12 2018


Paris is a feeling. You can’t NOT be romantic about Paris. Paris just sweeps you up in it’s magic. Paris inspires almost any kind of traveler, whether you want to relax, explore, learn, feast… it’s all there, waiting to be discovered.

For centuries Paris has been one of the world’s most important and attractive cities. It is appreciated for study, for culture, and for entertainment; its gastronomy, haute couture, painting, literature, and intellectual community enjoy an enviable reputation.

Paris is often referred to as ‘The City of Lights’, In the mid-18th century, Europe became ‘enlightened’. With Paris as its epicenter, the Enlightenment was a period in which philosophers and thinkers sought to rely on reason, liberty, tolerance and progress, challenging the monarchy and religion the day. Led by the French writers Voltaire and Rousseau, this movement covered domains like the arts, science, and economics - but mostly politics. It was this humanistic inclination that inspired and shaped the French revolution. 

Additionally, the sobriquet of Paris was reinforced when it became the first big city to light up the streets at night with gas lamps. The famous avenue, Champs Elysées, has been filled with bright lights since 1828! Its nickname “la Ville Lumière”, remains appropriate, for Paris has retained its importance as a center for education and intellectual pursuits, as well as a destination renowned for its history, beauty and mystique by travelers the world over.

In this box, we pack essentials for the trip to Paris we hope you are inspired to take!

panier de sens travel kit

  • Set off on your trip well prepared with this cotton pouch by Panier Des Sens. Each bag contains four truly French well-being products perfumed with the most precious plant essences.  Includes shower gel, hand creme, body lotion and Eau de toilette.

Exsens Arousal Lip Gloss

  • Exsens Arousal Lip Gloss - exquisitely flavored and made in France for a particularly fierce French kiss! Warm cool and slightly sweet! Perfect

lipstick vibrator

  • OMYSKY lipstick vibrator - A perfectly discreet travel companion. USB rechargeable and waterproof - give it a long press hold to light it up and choose from the 9 vibration modes to find what fits your fancy!

  • The Luxeluv Ring - A playful ring vibe for use on any erogenous zone that needs a buzz - its 5 modes of vibration are equally perfect for solo play or use with a partner.

  • The J'aime Paris Necklace by Wristicuffs - Sterling charms dangle delicately from a sterling chain. A fitting souvenir of the trip of a lifetime. C'est magnifique!


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