July - Midsummer Magic

Anne Alloway

Posted on July 29 2019

Midsummer has been celebrated by human beings since the Stone Age. It originated as a solstice festival, but exact dates and traditions vary among cultures.  In Nordic countries magic was thought to be strongest during the midsummer, and it became a very potent time for rituals, particularly spells relating to love and fertility.

Midsummer was also the time when witches, fairies, and elves came to the human world to tease them and predict their future. Nature played a large role in the folk magic of midsummer. Midsummer was welcomed with bonfires. It was thought that bonfires would boost the sun’s energy for the rest of the growing season and guarantee a good harvest for the fall, but it was also believed that bonfires could help banish evil spirits and help lead maidens to their future husbands. People wore protective garlands of herbs and flowers in order to deter misfortune, a common practice still today. A young woman would put flowers under her pillow and dream of her future husband. Greenery placed over houses and barns brought good fortune and health to people and livestock. Maidens danced around maypoles decorated with flowers of all types. 

These magical traditions are still practiced today all over the world to honor the light and warmth of summer, and to bring about the happiest elements of life.  With this Heart + Honey box, we encourage your own celebration of Midsummer Magic!

Midsummer Magic Box

Misummer Magic Intention Set - L'Apothicaire really put heart and soul into creating this special Midsummer set for you ladies! She brought some of nature's most powerful essences together in a set of intention oils. These magical oils can to be used individually, or layered as desired to manifest your most specific intentions and create your most unique fragrance!

Wildflower Intention OilsMidsummer Intention oils

Complementing the set is a gorgeous bottle of botanical lotion, lightly fragranced with summer's most delicate herbs and flowers. A truly magical collection only found in your Heart + Honey Box!

wildflower lotion

The Witches' Love Spell Book - Velvet covered with gilded pages! Use this precious pocket-sized book to infuse your summer with passion and romance, love and gratitude!


Lust™ by Jopen - L12 is one magical delight! A dual motor silicone probe designed for your luxurious pleasure. 5 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation - plus independent incremental speed controls make this toy unique.  It is perfect for g-spot and clitoral stimulation, and can also be used for posterior play!  A safety travel lock makes your L12 eminently portable for your pleasure. A quality Jopen product, the L12 is waterproof, USB rechargeable, and warrantied against defect for 1 year! Check out the instructional video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85gLlkqT52w


Lust L12Jopen Lust



  • Heart + Honey : August 24, 2019

    Hi Robert – The Secret Rose Climax Pen is in our Rose box, available in the “Single Box” section of our website!

  • Robert Hudson: August 24, 2019

    My wife saw a YouTube video and the box had the secret rose vx climax pen in it. How can I purchase the box it came in

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