June - Magical Moonstone

Anne Alloway

Posted on June 22 2018

The ethereal moonstone has been used in jewelry and amulets for over 2,000 years. The most common moonstone color is clear or opaque but they can be blue, peach, gray or yellow, too. Rainbow moonstones have an iridescent, multi-color sheen.

Moonstone has been believed to have important effect on human emotion - it is known to cleanse negativity and self doubt. It is said to evoke passion in lovers, open the path to wisdom, and open channels for intuition. The effects of moonstone are tied into the calming natural rhythms of the moon and mother earth. Moonstone encourages calm emotions and behavior, while supporting spiritual growth.

Moonstone's healing properties on the human body revolve around supporting normal rhythms, in keeping with the it's association with the rhythms of the moon. Moonstone benefits feminine reproductive systems, improves fertility, reduces menstrual cycle issues, encourages hormonal balance and reduces retention of fluids. Moonstone is believed to have beneficial effects during pregnancy and childbirth.

Our Moonstone themed box brought the ethereal powers of the ancient moonstone to our subscribers with the following products:


Moonstone Candle By Arabella Crystals - A luxurious 9oz soy candle with a hidden moonstone crystal inside. Hand poured with all natural, American grown soy wax, eco cotton wicks, and premium fragrance oils. The moonstone candle has a buttery rum top note leading the scent of sweet creamy vanilla with toasted coconut - dreamy and romantic!!

Heart Honey Moonstone Candle

Wild Honey Botanicals Gem & Honey Infused Cosmic Bath Salts - A mixture of crystal quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt, organic biodynamic honey and organic essential oils of blood orange and palo Santo. Hand blended and full of good vibrations.

Heart Honey Moonstone Cosmic Bath Salts by Gem & Honey

A Mystical Rainbow Moonstone Pear Shaped Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver - worn to enhance feminine energy, love openly, and help to cleanse your life of negativity and self doubt.

Heart Honey Moonstone Pendant Necklace

By the power of moonstone, we sent off 2 toys in this box! The MoonVibe - a clitoral and nipple stimulation vibe (also great for couple's play),

Heart Honey Moon Vibrator

heart honey nipple vibrator

And the complimentary Anna dil with g-spot vibe capacity. Both are waterproof and USB rechargeable. 

Heart Honey Moonstone dildo

Heart Honey Anna Dildo

Due to remarkable demand for the Moonstone box, we are doing a small second run of this magic box - available to ship around July 10th.  


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