June Mermaid Box

Anne Alloway

Posted on June 21 2019

The myth of the mermaid has persisted for thousands of years. Different cultures have adopted many traits to them, sometimes creating creatures with vastly different attitudes toward the mortals. Greeks for example feared mermaids, and they called them sirens - dangerous creatures who lured sailors to the sea with their songs and drowned them. Similar superstition was present on British Isles where sailors regarded mermaids, sirens and sea nymphs as evil spirits of the sea. Many however accepted mermaids as good willed creatures that are extremely shy but also very curious about life above the water. Chinese legends claim that tears of elusive sirens form the most beautiful pearls on Earth, Chinese sailors thought that sirens can grant immortality to the worthy man, and the Irish held the belief that mermaids called sailors to the sea with their songs as the sign of love. In the many stories that were written about them, they are most often depicted as beautiful women (and sometimes men) who can have children with ordinary people, and their children can also live in the sea if they want so. Our Mermaid box delights in the enduring mystery of these wild and fiercely sexy creatures!


1. Subtle mermaid style is yours with these sterling sliver, rose gold plated, Sea Shell Hook Earrings with micro pave embellishment. Beautiful enough for fancy mermaid functions, but also understated enough for everyday ocean wear.

rose gold pave Sea shell earrings


Enjoy mermaid perfect skin with the Kiss Me In The Garden Sea Goddess Bath Set. The Tail and body Scrub is unique combination of sea salt and liquid soap. It has a sponge-like consistency and it is great for the whole body. It does not contain oil like other salt scrubs, making it easy to rinse off! It also doesn’t leave a ring in the tub and it won’t make surfaces slippery. It will leave skin (and tails) feeling merbaby soft and totally smooth.The Body Balm has 15% shea butter and added calcium (recent studies have shown that calcium has as positive of an effect on your skin as it does on your bones - it strengthens and fortifies). It will take just a few minutes to absorb and you will see that it creates a layer of “silk” on your skin that will last for hours!

Mermaid bath set

Strengthen and tone up those sea-love muscles with the L’Amour Premium Weighted Pleasure System. The seamless Kegel set is ideal for first time or experienced users, and consists of a pair of velvety soft, egg-shaped balls attached to a sturdy silicone retrieval cord. The weighted pleasure balls are designed for vaginal insertion, to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor. Ideal for comfortable wear throughout the day. As you move around, the weighted balls will sensually jiggle to arouse and stimulate, while also toning the kegel muscles. 

Kegel ballskegel balls


The Calexotics Silhouette™ S9 redefines the term “magic” with its slim, wand-like design that pulses and pleases with magical sensation. This silky smooth silicone massager is and made to flex and bend with your body, so you can position it in exactly the way that suits your particular shape.The S9’s slender form packs intense incremental speed control and five incredibly pleasurable functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation, guaranteeing an intensity you love.It’s USB rechargeable, waterproof, and comes with a one year warranty. Calexotics has a helpful video to learn about the variety of uses of this toy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o10RbRNzlWM

Silhouette S9 calexoticssilhouette S9 calexotics


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