July Theme: Vanilla - An Aphrodisiac for the Ages

Anne Alloway

Posted on July 21 2017

Vanilla Planifolia 

Vanilla is an orchid! There are about 26,000 species of orchid, but the Vanilla planifolia is the only one that is edible. The vanilla we cherish for so many reasons  is actually a pod produced by the flower. 

The aphrodisiac qualities of vanilla are believed to come from the scent and flavor of the seedpod. Research has shown that, for men, the scent of vanilla correlates with a greater increase in sexual arousal than any other scent. Vanilla is a powerful aphrodisiac for women as well, but for different reasons. In women, vanilla can create a feeling of comfort and peace, encouraging a sense of safety. Vanilla essential oil calms the mind, appeases anger, and soothes irritability.

The Totonac people, in what is now Mexico, first cultivated the beans and used them for medicinal purposes — not for flavoring. The Totonacs had to pay tribute to the Aztecs in the form of thousands of vanilla beans. And it was the Aztecs who used vanilla beans for flavoring. They mixed them with other things — like cacao - And it was the eventual Spanish conquest of the Aztecs that brought vanilla as a flavor to Europe and beyond. It was also the Spanish who began using vanilla as an aphrodisiac and a nerve stimulant. Its ironic that a plant with such a colorful history has become synonymous with boring, or plain. We know that vanilla is anything but.....well, vanilla.

We  curated a sexy box of vanilla treasures to highlight this precious plant. Whether they inspire you because the scent stimulates and ignites, or because it calms and soothes, doesn't matter - As long as your Heart + Honey Box enriches the vitality and passion in your life!


Since we know that the smell of Vanilla is such a strong aphrodisiac, we have included a few vanilla items to boost your sensual side along with a fantastic erotic toy and more!

1. The Shunga Vanilla Fetish Massage Candle - made with coconut and sweet almond oil, this candle melts at a low temperature, creating an amazing warm massage oil. It leaves the skin feeling soft, moisturized and lightly scented. the wafting vanilla scent will remind you of your romantic encounter for hours afterwards.

2. Orglamix Tahitian Vanilla -This perfume spray is a sweet, rich, classic vanilla scent entwined with just a whisper of tropical flowers. Made with Madagascar vanilla and Vanielle Banana. Its scent is exotic. Sensual. Addictive. Apply to pulse points — think your wrists, inside your elbows, the ear lobes, the collarbone, the nape of your neck, even in your belly button and the crease behind your knees. The natural fluctuations in your body temperature warm and diffuse your perfume without it being overwhelming.

3. Summer’s Skin Mint Cream Body Wash - This body wash is so delicate - and so natural. It really gives you an appreciation for vanilla as the cornerstone for enhancing other scents. A vanilla base is layered with peppermint, ylang-ylang, and then honey is used as the carrier. The result is a a great exfoliant, moisturizer and healing agent for skin. In addition to its sensual value, it will keep your skin clean and healthy, naturally!
Sliquid Essentials Cube - This treasure box contains 6 different types of lubricant pillows, each with slightly different appeal. Use them all to figure out which suits you best - though we believe picking a favorite is hard! Sliquid products are always free of harsh chemicals and always 100% vegan!

4. The star of the show this month is the S-Hande Soft-S - We met the folks at S-Hande at an expo and fell in love with them AND their product. Seriously, even if their catalogue wasn’t the cutest thing ever, their representative Vivi was! We are excited to include the Soft-S vibrator, its rechargeable and waterproof and made with 100% body safe silicone. Vivi set this powerhouse on a table to demonstrate how long it holds a charge. We didn’t have that kind of time - but the message was received - charge it up and worry not about it failing you!

5. And the Goody Bag - this month its just a simple little reminder to put in an obvious place. The Heart + Honey Bee is near and dear to our hearts. Hand-drawn by a local artist and embellished with dogwood flowers in the wings as a testament to our NC roots - where ever you put this bee, let it remind you of vitality and passion you embrace with Heart + Honey.

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