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Anne Alloway

Posted on February 28 2023

Hera and Juno Vibrators by Je Joue

Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, the Je Joue line of erotic toys is not to be missed. Check out our favorites from this esteemed British brand.

Dark and light skinned hands holding the Je Joue G Spot Bullet Vibe
Je Joue​​

With so many sex toy options out there today, it’s hard to remember a time when we were limited to only a few gold-standards like the Rabbit, Magic Wand or Bullet. With the technological explosion of the past twenty years, sex toys have come a long way from their humble beginnings. A rich—and rather inventive—history precludes the vast assortment we have available at our literal fingertips today. In fact, scientists recently discovered a siltstone phallus during a cave excavation in Germany featuring a rounded, polished end and carved rings. Additionally, phalluses made from stone, wood, leather and even camel dung have all been found during excavations or referenced in historical texts and images. Fortunately for us, we have options available today that would have made our cave-dwelling ancestors heads spin.

One of our favorite modern product lines comes from the esteemed British brand, Je Joue. Directly translated from French, Je Joue means “I play”—and what better way is there to explore sex and sexuality than through play, whether with oneself or a consenting partner. We often include the Je Joue line in our Couple's Boxes, though even one of our recent sold out Queen Bee boxes included this widely celebrated and well-reviewed brand as the hero item.

Heart + Honey
Heart+ Honey's Sold Out "Immortal Beloved" Box​​

There are many reasons we gravitate to these toys when curating our boxes. Not only do we love their sleek, sophisticated packaging and messaging of self-empowerment, we find their quality and craftsmanship to be next level as well. Known industry-wide for their award-winning, low, rumbly motor and delightfully soft vegan silicone, the Je Joue line truly has something for everyone. 

Our Favorite Erotic Toys from Je Joue


The perfect vibe for beginners, the Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibe is seductively soft and ergonomically shaped. Featuring the deep, rumbly vibrations the Je Joue motor is known for, this delightful toy provides mind-blowing vibrations that radiate deep into the body fully encompassing all of the clitoral nerve endings. Its ergonomic shape allows you to choose how you like to use it best, whether flat in your hand, between bodies, or perfectly pin-pointed pleasure - the possibilities are truly endless! 


Hera, the iconic Rabbit, but redesigned for the modern woman’s sensibilities.  Je Joue refers to the Hera as “the world's softest, sleekest rabbit vibrator”—and for good reason! The soft, squishy tip provides deep, rumbly vibrations directly to your G-Spot, while the flexible thumb stimulates more of your external clitoris, for the ultimate blended orgasm. Use it alone or with your partner—either way you’ll find five speeds and seven patterns to explore, ranging from a gentle purr to that deep Je Joue rumble. USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof. 

"At Je Joue we believe that sometimes your best partner is yourself. Our products help you explore your body and get to know what you like--there's power in that and we want you to embrace it."

Ian Kulp, Je Joue


What’s not to love about the Amour?!  A whimsical heart tipped bullet that provides playful, fluttering sensations. The perfect vibe for a beginner or an experienced collector, the Amour’s flickering tip boasts a sensual tickling sensation that’s perfect for exploring all erogenous zones (think clitoris, nipples, testicles, and vulva). With silky soft, body safe medical grade silicone, the Amour is satiny soft and lovely to touch. Compact and quiet, it’s perfect for travel and a must to stow away in your overnight bag. Fun to use for solo play or with a partner, the Amour is the toy you’ve been looking for if you’re wanting something that delivers a powerful vibration mixed with unique fluttering sensations. 

A green and a pink amour bullet vibrator from JeJoue
Je Joue​​


The hero of our “Immortal Beloved” box, the Juno Flex G Spot Vibe is provides those powerfully deep, rumbly vibrations we love directly to the internal pleasure points. These vibrations are able to travel further through the body, accessing more internal nerve endings and stimulating the whole internal clitoris. Excitingly, the Juno Flex uses Je Joue's new BodyFlexTechnology and has been designed to move in perfect rhythm with your body. The fully flexible shaft can be bent into any position, allowing each individual body shape to explore hitting different spots, from any position. It truly is a vibrator as unique as you are! 

Juno Flex G Spot Vibe Held and Laying on Chest
Je Joue​​


Ah, the Mio! If you’ve been lucky enough to receive this in one of our Couple’s Boxes, you know—the Mio is a marvel! A strong, yet flexible cock ring that keeps him harder for longer while enhancing pleasure for both. If you’re in the market for simultaneous, mind-blowing orgasms,  Mio is the answer! The ultra low frequency vibrations turn a penis or a dildo into a vibrator as the rumbly vibes travel all the way down the shaft, as well as directly to the clitoris or perineum. Not only that, but the Mio is also amazing for men struggling with erectile dysfunction. Designed to have the maximum amount of stretch as compared to other c-rings on the market, the Mio is able to encompass both the penis and testicles, providing the ultimate in blood flow restriction. Use it once and you’ll see why other “buzzy” c-rings just don’t compare. 


Take your intimate time to the next level with this limited edition gift box. Packaged with Je Joe’s signature silver feather motif, this set will turn her on and turn him up. Featuring both the G Spot Bullet and the Mio C-Ring, this duo will knock your socks off. You’ll enjoy cycling through the five speeds and seven vibration patterns of the G Spot Bullet (think gentle purr all the way to that deep Je Joue rumble). Add the Mio with its luxurious silicone and intentional design details that eliminate the pull and tug you may have experienced with other c-rings for a truly over the top experience. Not partnered up? Not to worry! This gift set can be used for solo play too! Simply add the Mio to your dil of choice and experience the wide coverage of the deep, rumbly motor as it permeates the clitoris and vulva. A great value no matter how you choose to use it! 


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